Neofresh Pawpaw Farm Is a Mind-blowing Inspiration

At Rich Farm Kenya, our pawpaw farming endeavours are still at the crawling stages but the future shines bright, especially gauging from companies with a similar vision that started their steps earlier in time. Our largest inspiration coming from a South African company,  Neofresh, our dreams and aspirations are renewed every single moment we look at their conquest and success.

Neofresh was established 20 years ago by Tim and Brian Chennels. From the outset the core business of the company was the production, value-adding and marketing of Papaya.

In 2011 Neofresh merged with one of its competitors, Low’s Creek, adding 40% to its production area and consolidating retail market share in South Africa. Before the merger Neofresh hired all its farms but owned the packing facility in Hectorspruit. Its assets were mainly intangible in nature, consisting of Intellectual Property with regards to varieties and trademarks, as well as substantial market share amongst South African retailers. The merger strengthened the balance sheet to enable Neofresh to acquire its flagship farm, Kenworthy Estates.

beautiful pawpaw farm
Today Neofresh produces papaya on four farms and litchi on three farms in South Africa. Production of papaya in Mozambique commenced in 2016. Today it is the biggest supplier of Papaya to the Retail market in South Africa.

The journey of success of this South African pawpaw giant is founded on specific principals, which have become our strong pillars at Rich Farm Kenya. Neofresh understands that a properly funded Research and Development Department gives them the competitive edge regarding new exclusive varieties, post-harvest treatment methods and unique growing methods.

They also understand that producing fruit in different areas gives them the advantage of stabilizing production and finding niche marketing windows. This is the very reason we moved to Naivasha after establishing our first orchard in Embu.

The company also invests and participates in the complete value chain.

Through conventional breeding Neofresh has developed exclusive papaya cultivars which are perfectly suited to South African conditions and taste. A great deal of emphasis has gone into the development of taste as opposed to only yield and external appearance.

By spreading their production units around different areas, the company is now able to supply papaya to South African consumers on a twelve month basis.

This is the reflection of our dream in Kenya. We applaud all the successful pawpaw farmers in Kenya and hope that we join hands in developing our very own pawpaw industry in Kenya and have our children and citizens enjoy not just enough but sweet pawpaws.

pawpaw farming guide pdf
If you would like to join us be sure to call us on 0724698357. 

We have compiled this pawpaw farming guide for kenya to help you with information on the go. 

It is now available in PDF so you can even carry it in your phone and refer any time. 

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