Rich Farming Concept

What is Rich Farming Concept?

Rich Farming Concept is a modernized system of agriculture that is designed to help smallholder farmers to produce more food through space optimisation technologies and practises. This concept is born out of the realisation of the importance of rural farmers to the country's food security. It is therefore designed to help generate more profits for the farmer while giving them tools, skills and knowledge to produce safer and higher quantities of food hence directly contributing to food security in Kenya and Africa. It is a concept aimed at bringing a mentality change, especially in small holder farmers, from the traditional subsistence agriculture to modern, high productivity Agribusiness.

Why we need to adopt the Rich Farming Concept

1. To solve food insecurity in Kenya and the rest of Africa. Do you know that over 2 billion people in the world are not getting safe, nutritious and sufficient food? It is our noble responsibility as farmers to increase our productivity and ensure these people eat.

Kenya is still not a food secure country

2. To utilize our farm lands for more profits. The amount of income we generate from our farms is ridiculously low. We need to change; we must adopt the Rich Farming Concept in order to lower our input costs, increase our yields and access better paying markets.

How do we benefit?

1. Access to market information: Richfarm Kenya is the company behind the Rich Farming Concept. The company creates a link between farmers and traders of various agricultural commodities to ensure that farmers know where to sell their products for the highest possible price in the market.

2. Mass production of products on demand: As smallholder farmers, we are not able to individually produce enough quantities to access high paying markets. One of the aspects of the Rich Farming Concept is coming together as farmers of a specific commodity such that together we form a huge block capable of consistently supplying the available market. This will also help us leverage on economies of scale when buying farm inputs and procuring agronomic services.

3. Reducing post-harvest losses: Farmers practicing the Rich Farming Concept will have access to advance payment, storage and value addition facilities.  This will help them sell their produce in a time or form that gives them the highest return.

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