Hass avocado farming in Kenya: Cultivation of this much loved variety of avocado has been boosted by the opening of new export market in Europe and China. The grafted trees take only 2 years to start yielding fruits. By the 5th year, each tree gives approximately 500 pieces currently selling as not less than 10 bob each. An acre carries about 150 trees. Photo: Nation Media. 
Red Royale pawpaw farm in Kilifi, Takaungu area: Pawpaw farming in Kenya is lucrative since the production if far below the supply. Initially, pawpaw farming was a business for the Meru area but is now successful in many other areas including Kilifi, Kwale, Machakos, Makueni, Kitui, Kajiado, Bungoma and Homa bay. In all these areas, Solo sunrise variety is the best although new varieties such as this red royale and calina IPB9 are also penetrating the market. 
Macadamia Farming in Kenya: The price of a kilo of macadamia hit an high of Ksh220 in 2019. The prices are on an upward trend as the over 30 processing companies scramble for the little produce coming from the small scale farms. Commercial farming of macadamia in Kenya is now taking shape thanks to this ready market and growing appetite for the Kenyan nuts in the world market. 
Kiwi fruit farming: This was initially considered undoable in Kenya because of the tropical climate which does not have real winters. However, there has been a successful production of juicy Kiwi fruits in the Philippines where the climate is typically the same as that of Kenya. Richfarm Kenya is on the forefront with research on the best varieties of Kiwi fruit for farming in Kenya.  
Banana farming in Kirinyaga, Kenya: If you want a super-size banana bunch, then go for the FHIA 17 Tissue Culture Banana seedlings. This variety hold the record for producing the heaviest ever bunch at a whooping 120kg. The bunch was standing tall at almost 2 meters high. It is only rivaled when it comes to quality as grand nain banana is the best in that aspect. 

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