About Us

We are the Farmers’ Friends. The success of the farmers we have helped across Kenya, and indeed the larger East African countries, is something what has made Rich Farm Kenya so happy and motivated to want to do more for more farmers. Nothing is as beautiful as a farmer’s smile when they realize that their hard work and investment is finally paying back. In fact, the lack of such a smile is what first drove us into forming Richfarm Kenya.

Our Story
Rich Farm Kenya was born out of a very rough start in agribusiness by 3 young Kenyans who believed that vast opportunities in the sector awaited those who had the courage to go take them. But being young, uninformed and seriously incapacitated financially, every single challenge was a huge obstacle for us: tricked into leasing land for way much higher than the actual cost, led to buying overgrown seedlings, lost 6 acres of crop to cows and zebras despite being assured of security, landing in the hands of merciless buyers… we faced it all.

But as they say now, we faced all those challenges on behalf of our beloved farmers. Indeed, every single product we developed has its foundation on the lessons we learned through those challenges.

What we do
Our belief that the agribusiness sector holds vast opportunities for farmers in Kenya has become even stronger as we have learned what it takes to build profitable farms. So we now help you set up farming projects that are not only profitable but also ethical, environment friendly and sustainable.

We do this through a wide array of products ranging from consultancy services (Farm planning, agronomic support and farm management), provision of high quality seeds and seedlings (both fruit tree and vegetable seeds and seedlings) to marketing solutions (Richfarm distribution channels, direct links to buyers and contract farming).

Who we serve
Those we serve call us friends so we would also like to call them friends: our friends are farmers, both new and those who have been in business for a while. If you have land that you want to put under an agribusiness project, we will be there to help you plan it; if you are on full time employment but want to create an extra source of income through agribusiness, you are our friend and we will help you set it up and manage it; if you have tried an agribusiness project and failed we will be there to hold your hand through the next one and ensure we use our wealth of knowledge and experience to safeguard your investment.

We do this through a range of products that you can see right here in Our Products page. We also designed a very interesting and unique concept for farmers called the Rich Farming Concept tailored at revolutionising agriculture into Agribusiness - see the details in the page Rich Farming Concept.

Since we have identified planting material as one of the key factors to success in agribusiness, we have developed this as our main product. We provide you with high quality, certified fruit tree seedlings that are:
  • Disease free
  • Grafted to mature fast, yield more and bear tastier fruits
  • Produced to be disease resistant. 
At Richfarm Kenya, the farmers’ friends, we believe Udongo Ni Mali.


Unknown said...

am interested in pawpaw farming.i want high quality certified seedlings.
how much is the cost per seedling and how can it reach me in Isiolo

Kisyula@gmail.com said...

Great and valuable information. I wish to start paw paw farming. Where should I start?
John Kisyula

Anonymous said...

Awesome work.. you have a physical office?

Unknown said...

Are you in RICH FARMS, KENYA, make Dry Grapes, or RAISINS? It's welknown to be the best & profitable process of converting the Perishable fruits to much longer shelf life & more value addition...

feli said...

im intrested in pawpaw farming. my contact 0729607323 lives in makueni