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Over the years, we have endeavored to bring you products that suit your needs as a farmer. Your feedback helps us to redesign our products and come up with new ones to match the changing needs in the agribusiness field. Here are some projects we highly recommend for you. 

Pawpaw farming in Kenya

pawpaw farming in Kenya
Investment in pawpaw farming is increasingly becoming attractive to farmers in Kenya who are keen to tap into new opportunities in the agribusiness sector. Well, it is not an entirely new crop but there are two main reasons why its farming has recently become more profitable: one, the...



Avocado farming in Kenya

avocado farming in Kenya
If you have been wondering why avocado farming in Kenya has all of a sudden become the song of every investor, then this sneak peek into the global avocado prices will open your eyes. Avocados have been expensive for a while now. Typically, most Canadians would expect to pay...



Macadamia farming in Kenya

macadamia farming in Kenya
If you have been keen to follow the agribusiness news and trends in Kenya, you must have noted that macadamia nut farming is one investment channel that informed farmers are putting their money into. The local prices of these nuts have been consistently going up and the international market is...



Passion fruit farming in Kenya

passion fruit farming in Kenya
Passion fruit, a climbing vine, is a versatile crop whose demand is growing in both export and domestic markets. It is the third most popular fruit in Kenya after mangoes and bananas respectively. ...



Tree Tomato farming in Kenya

tree tomato farming in Kenya
The Tree Tomato, also known as Tamarillo, is a small, fast growing tree or shrub in the flowering plant family of solanaceae. Its plant is a fast-growing tree that can rise up to 5 meters for some varieties. It is being cultivated mainly in the Kenyan highlands and value addition has increased its profitability to...



Kiwi Fruit Farming in Kenya

kiwi fruit farming in Kenya
Wouldn’t it be great to produce our own kiwi fruits? Well we are glad that a good number of farmers are interested and have put efforts towards growing them. These interested farmers have...



Grafted Mango Seedlings

passion fruit farming in Kenya
At the start of every planting season, we ensure that you will get mature grafted mango seedlings. The main variety that we graft is the apple mango but we also have enough quantities of the Tommy and Ngowe varieties. We are always happy to advise you on the best variety for your climate.


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