Just 3 Months From Planting The Tiny Chia Seeds Have Brought Us Giant Cheer

Kenyans are increasingly becoming sensitive to healthy eating habits. The trend in organic food uptake indicates that more people will be seeking richer and safer diets. This provides a sure market of Chia seeds and seed products within the country. This is the opportunity we identified and went for. Now we smile.

Being a new crop, extremely high demand for seeds is expected over the immediate future as numerous farmers seek seeds for planting. As the industry grows, Chia-based processing plants are set to come up and further drive high the market for Chia. 

This is already the situation in developed countries especially Australia, Europe and the Americas. Because of its high nutritional value, the crop is grown commercially in the US, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Australia and Mexico for its seeds. 

chia seeds farming in kenya
Chia seeds growing in Australia started back in the year 2005 at a place called the Ord Valley. This was started by a scholar who was doing research looking for natural solutions to modern diet related diseases.

Where to sell chia seeds in Kenya

Currently, major clients in Kenya include people dealing with dietary conditions such as diabetics, people with high blood pressure and parents of young children that require omega3 fatty acids. Upcoming farmers also provide a huge market.

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Chia is easy to grow, beautiful to look at, and offers lots of nutritional value. It deserves a place in every garden. The initial investments of cultivating Chia are similar to many other crop productions, apart from the cost of purchasing of seeds. Without considering the cost of seeds, production costs for chia are estimated to be less than the production costs for beans per acre, with harvest and marketing costs similar to those costs for beans.

Typically, the costs we have incurred in  producing one acre of chia seeds is as follows:
  •    Land lease                 5,000
  •       Ploughing                  3,000
  •       Harrowing                2,000
  •       Planting                     3,000
  •       Seeds                          8,000 (1,000 per Kg)
  •       Harvesting                5,000
           Total                              26,000

From the harvest, we shall most likely exceed the average of 300 kg per acre. At the current price of Ksh.1,000 per kg, we hope to make a little over Ksh.300,000 in just 3 months from planting. 

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chia seeds farming guide
We have put together our experiences and have come up with this Chia Seeds Farming guide that is now available in pdf form. 

If you would like to start chia seeds farming, then you will find this book very helpful. 

You can now download a FREE copy here or through the Resources Page.

If you need any help with chia seeds farming, you can call Richfarm Kenya on 0724698357 any time. We also have chia seeds for sale and you can order through the same number. 


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Can I grow chia in vitengeni coast?

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I need to grow chia, am in siaya county. How can l go about it and can l find a ready market

Unknown said...

I need to plant chia, am in siaya country. How do l go about it and is there ready market

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hello i also want to grow chia seeds in Malindi coast , am still doing my research ,but does anyone know someone whose growing in coast.

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I have chia seed almost 120 kg and am looking for a buyer,, please contact me

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Thanks for more to information on chia plant please send to me a pdf.

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Is bomet County suitable for chia cultivation?

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Contact me if you have chiA in large quantity from one tonne and above

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Contact me if you need 50kg to 1ton of Chia seeds:

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Did you manage to do it in Malindi?

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