How Avocado Farming In Kenya Is Influenced By Global Supply

No doubt the Hass avocado farming business in Kenya is mainly supported by the global market. This is because we export most of the fruits we produce to sell them in the same market as other major producers in the world like Peru, Mexico, Columbia and Spain. South Africa is also a major supplier to this market but Kenya recently overtook it to become Africa’s top exporter of avocado.
avocado farming in kenya
Avocado farming in Kenya

As such, the Kenyan avocado exporters have to maintain a high quality standard in order to remain competitive and get better prices. However, that is not the only factor that influences prices. Any event in a major avocado producing country, which has an effect in the production or distribution of the fruits in the world market, is bound to influence prices.

For example, the avocado prices faced a sharp decline last year (2019) towards the end of November – it was a drop from €18 (Ksh2,025) to €7 (Ksh787) for a 4kg box. That happened within a very short time of just about 2 weeks.

What caused such a sharp decline?

According to Produce IT, a Dutch company that grows avocados in Mexico and exports them to the global market in Europe and America, a culmination of several circumstances caused the price drop.

"There were a lot of strikes during the Chilean season. All the fruit came late onto the market, all at once. Those were then poorer quality products that had to be sold quickly. Peru offered avocados until the end of November. Kenya also kept sending more product too. The usual countries of origin also come on the market with more avocados every year. These countries include Mexico, Colombia, and Spain." Said Ruud Kester of Produce IT.
hass avocado farming in kenya
Kenyan Avocado

What was the effect on avocado farming in Kenya?

Any time there is such a drop in the prices of avocado in the export market, the avocado export companies in Kenya always pass the burden to the farmer.
However, the good news is that the avocado season in Kenya starts in April and extends to around early October, a time during which there is low supply in the global market hence prices are high and fairly stable. During that window, the price of a 4kg carton can go as high as €20 (Ksh2,250).

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avocado farming in kenya pdf
Hass avocado farming guide: Kenya
No doubt avocado farming in Kenya is lucrative and the future for it also looks bright as the demand increases worldwide. This is the best time to invest in it. To start you off, we have compiled this hass avocado farming guide for kenya to help you with information on the go. It is now available in pdf so you can even carry it in your phone and refer any time. You can now request for it from our Resources Page

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