Sasini Expands Avocado Farming and Exports in 2020, Working With Kenyan Farmers

For a long time, Kakuzi has been the best company in the avocado farming and export sector in Kenya but it looks like Sasini is going to give them a run for their money starting this year 2020. Sasini, which initially dominated the tea and coffee farming and export industry, entered the avocado business in 2017 saying, “…we needed to identify a crop which would offer health benefits to the consumers and Avocado was an easy pick from a range of other crops…”
sasini avocado farming in Kenya
Sasini Avocado: New entrant in the avocado export business in kenya

But you can clearly see that this was a good move in time to cushion the company against the fluctuating prices of tea and coffee. Sasini’s move was well informed as the company ventured into avocado farming and exporting at a time when the market was craving for Kenyan avocado as global demand for the healthy fruit went through the roof.

Providing market for avocado farmers in Kenya

When it started the avocado export business, Sasini did not have its own farms so it started by working with farmers in various parts of Kenya. It also planted 200 acres of hass avocado in Nandi and Meru highlands. The company intends to increase the land under this crop to 1,000 acres by the end of this year, 2020.

However, they have an elaborate network of farmers who supply them more than 50% of all the fruits that they export. The farmers are engaged through a contract that sees them get GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) certified. Before selling their fruits to Sasini, the farmers must have their produce tested to ensure that they pass the minimum residual level.

hass avocado farming in Kenya
Sasini Outgrowers: The company buys 50% of their export fruits from small scale avocado farmers in Kenya

Exporting fuerte avocado as well

Unlike other avocado exporting companies in Kenya which only export the hass avocado, Sasini also packs and exports fuerte avocado. They mainly market their fruits in the United Kingdom, the larger Europe and America, although they also have interests in other global markets.

Small scale avocado farmers in Kenya set to benefit more

With the entrance of such agribusiness heavy weights, the small scale farmers in the country are set to benefit the most as competition for supplies will definitely lead to better prices. The farmer’s worst challenge in avocado farming, market, is also addressed as the country’s export capacity is increased.

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